Persian Ice Cream

Why isn't this place closer?

On the last day of Ramadan I found myself doing a jiu jitsu seminar in LA. My wife patiently waited for me to finish and we went on a food scavenger hunt. While our dinner was good, our dessert ended up being even better. We came across this Persian ice cream shop in Westwood called Saffron And Rose. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m super crazy for ice cream. I really love tasting unusual flavors (except spicy ice cream wtf) so Persian or Indian ice cream is a favorite of mine.

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Bosnian Pizza

I guess it's a thing

I’m always happy to try some new halal pizza variety. For some reason with both pizza and breakfast food people only want to use pork as the single source of protein. It’s fun to go to a halal restaurant and order all the “pepperoni” and “bacon” items and feel like you’re being naughty. I crashed into this place Sofra Urbana over the weekend. Since it was ramadan my wife and I ordered more food than we normally would and proceeded to eat until we were uncomfortably full.

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Some Things I Hate

list of the day

  • When people at work say “see you next year!” on new years eve.
  • Comic book movies. They just make the same movie 100 times and people still go see it.
  • When you signal and people immediately speed up to block you.
  • How people like to be sneaky and slip bacon into everything. [Read More]

First Post

There’s nothing here. It’s a first post. Blee Bloo Bloopz.